She has arrived.

Decision was pretty easy.

In my head many things look very easy.

I thought I’m super ready – this is when this little child inside my body speaks.

Boxes won’t pack itself- big thumbs up for P. 75% of boxes – he packed. When it came to this final packing weekend my body said fu*k you Daria and I end up in the bed with high temperature, without possibility for eating, as my body wasn’t accepting anything.

Well, let me skip all the details 😊

It wasn’t that super super easy, but let’s be honest who find is extremely easy, when moving to not their country, with minimum of language. Would be different it that would be for example Milan, where people speaks English, however here it’s bit different, but that’s all the magic.

Did I mentioned this child before?

So it makes me happy when I can learn new things and to communicate here I really need to learn italian. Every single sentence without translation make me happy. That’s all about. It’s not super long time but small things makes me happier than before.

I always appreciated time with P. Working in hospitality in random hours, living in London and keeping up with relationship it’s not easy.

There are many things which drive me crazy in this country, but it’s never perfect.


But I’m here, in Puglia, Ostuni.

That’s my new home.

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